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About Me

My name is Misty Falkner and I have been on the path to help others become their extraordinary my entire life.  Growing up, I was always looking for what was special about every person, place and thing that I came across. I naturally sought to highlight and celebrate that uniqueness with those in our community; whether it was making flower necklaces from wildflowers to share at the farmers’ market or uncovering an elderly neighbor’s hidden talent for art.  Starting in kindergarten, it was never enough for me to just master the material.  Helping my friends to find ways to understand and apply information was just as exciting.  That passion has only grown with time.  My greatest joy and strength is to help others become more of who they were created to be through teaching and encouragement in a creative, yet structured environment by providing pathways to greater engagement and increased hope.

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Who We Are

This is why I started Live Meraki, a strengths-coaching business focused on helping individuals discover, develop and live their own personal brand of Extraordinary!  With over a decade of experience in various arenas, we bring our expertise in creating individualized curriculum and coaching experiences to you and the communities that matter the most to you.  Gallup has found that the most successful people in the world have gotten there by doing what they do best 70% or more of time.  The CliftonStrengths Assessment is just the beginning of the journey to Becoming Your Extraordinary!

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Strengths-Based Approach

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Strengths Ambassador Program

Make an Impact

Are you ready to become extraordinary?  Are you ready to inspire and help those around you to become their extraordinary too?  Join our Strengths Ambassador Program today.

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Individual Coaching Session

Become Your Extraordinary

You have talents that set you a part from the millions of people around you. Live Meraki uses a mix of Gallup and custom materials to help their clients reach their fullest potential. Are you ready to become your extraordinary?

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Entrepreneur Coaching Session

Building Your Business

Live Meraki exists to provide performance enhancing tools to those seeking to go to the next level of success and well-being. We provide coaching on how to develop your own brand of extraordinary by increasing awareness, intentionally cultivating and productively applying their unique strengths.


Special Events & Other Services

Extraordinary Offerings

From Student Success Workshops to our Brainy Beautiful Babes Events, Marriage Classes to special Community Courses there are many opportunities for the whole family to discover, develop and celebrate their extraordinary!

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Begin to live a life full of passion, purpose, creativity and love, putting something of yourself into everything you do; begin to . . .

Live Meraki.

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Through Misty Falkner's coaching I have learned to do my job extraordinarily well.  I work as an issues manager for a Fortune 100 global company, that operates in 60 different countries.  Before working with Misty, I was frustrated because I did not exhibit classic personality, strengths and approaches for public relations.  Through her coaching, I have learned to leverage my Top 5 strengths in an extraordinary way.  By understanding who I am, how I think and work, I have been able to receive exemplary performance reviews, raises and bonuses.  I live and work in my strengths every day.

Mark Molzen

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